Craig Ryan

When first seeing this piece a viewer may see a bunch of forks or see it as a reference to landscaping– I like to see it as plastic, something which has been manufactured and distinctly removed from nature. This site-specific installation utilized the 22 foot windows to evoke the innocence of a green house and sprouting. Many times we take an object at face value–if it looks like a vegetable, then it must be. As long as imitation meets our need, we stay happy.

I would like to proposition this piece as a question to how we differentiate our products from our grocery produce. “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… is it?” Genetically modified objects are in virtually every manufactured object at the grocery store without differentiating labeling on the packaging. But is it the same? No one’s really decided–or foreseen long-term consequences, anyways.

DSCN0247 DSCN0349


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