Access Denied

Access Denied _MG_1482 copy 3

This installation transformed a well-traveled gallery area into an inaccessible, unusable space, although viewers can encounter the piece from either side and see through to the opposing end. There are a series of eight implied, through the use of fishing line, walls—four per side, working toward the center. The fishing line carefully creates this environment; the string is spaced at specific intervals perpendicular, running across the gallery to the opposing wall. As the walls get closer to the center, the specific intervals of the strings move from six inches to half an inch, creating a filter effect. At the inside lurks a masked figure. Statement about the work- Originally the metaphysical ‘social wall’ is constructed as a control mechanism to protect an individual’s intimate self from variables outside his or her inner circle. Ordinarily individuals hope for people to make it through these walls; as a result they are seen and understood. In extreme cases these ‘walls’ form a total blockade making an individual irrevocably inaccessible. Although they are protected the consequence is total isolation. Which is it, a safe house or prison?


Photos by Alida Duff Sullivan.


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